BUDDY                                                                                         HIP # 474
                   2011 GRADE BAY GELDING
This horse stands 14-1 hands high 1150# been ranched on and has been hauled as a heel horse. Great in the box, lots of rate and a big stop, been rode by Earl Thomas for 3 months used at the V101 pasture rope as a heel horse, hauled to several jack pots and would also make a good break away horse.
                                                                                                    Cross Bar Dude

Cowboy Bar Dude

                          Mi Sady Sailwind

                          Red Oils Bubba

Zan Parr Zan Blue

                         Miss Chicadoo Dink

Diamonds Cross

Cutie Bar Beauty

Mr Sailwind

Mi Sady Higgins

Par Zan Keno

Parr Zans Red Oil

Shady Blade

Two N Gone
ZANS KENO                                                                    DUDE HIP # 475

Have used him for pasture breeding. Had 60 days at trainers when he was three.
This horse stands 14-1 hands high 1150 wt been ranched on and has been hauled as a heel horse. Great in the box, lots of rate and a big stop, been rode by Earl Thomas for 3 months used at the V101 pasture rope as a heel horse, hauled to several jack pots and would also make a good break away horse.
DAISY                                                                                           HIP # 476
                      2014 GRADE APPALOOSA MARE

This is Daisy she is a 7 year old. Stands 15.2 hands tall. She has been on at a trail riding facility. Catch, lead Saddle, loads easy.
                                                                                                     HIP # 477
              2017 GRADE SORREL MARE

GRADE, home raised, 4 year old, mare. Gentle for anyone, roped hot heals, drug calves, and had a few caught outside. Out of a Tongue River Ranch mare (Mecom Blue x Peptoboonsmal, Freckles Playboy) by Two Times Pepto.
This is cloud. He’s a gelding 14.2 and super wide. Handy broke. Been ranched on. 15 years old.
 CLOUD                                                                                         HIP # 478
                         2006 GRADE WHITE GELDING

Born Runner

Sweet Winnie

Duke Chubby

Hildays Three Way

Easy Ignition

Fairie Queen

El Charro Rocket

Kita Be Good

                                                                                                    Just Wingin

Winged Eagle

                        Chubby Hildy


Suleo Moon

                    Chikita Rockette
CHIKITA MOON                                                                           HIP # 479
                     2001 APHA SORREL TOBIANO MARE

This mare has competed on barrels and playdays in the past and makes a good trail riding horse. She has not competed since last year and due to my health, is only used as a trail horse. She ha lots of power and speed and would be good for an intermediate to experienced rider. Nice all around horse.
COLORME BOOSMAL                                                                HIP # 480
                           2016 APHA SORREL MARE


Playboys Stormy

Shorty Lena

Dippity Doc

Smart Little Lena

Doxs Painted Lady

Doc's Gold Mine

Lady Rebel
                                                                                                    Playboy Boonsmal

Curley Boonsmal

                         Das L Me Shorty

                        Color Me Smart

No Colorme Georgia

                       Lady Doctor

5 year old APHA solid sorrel mare. She was started as a 2 year old, but has been making babies the last couple of years. She is very sweet and gentle. She is bred to a blue roan stud for a 2021 baby. Very well bred with her whole life ahead of her.

MOUSE                                                                                       HIP # 481
                      2016 GRADE GRULLA GELDING

He’s a 5 year old gelding, 13hh grulla in color. He’s going really well. He’s ready to go. Leads load and ties. Ok with his feet. Easy to saddle and bridle.
JACK                                                                                            HIP # 482
                          2013 GRADE PAINT GELDING

Jack is a sorrel and white approx 8 year old grade gelding. He has competed in playdays in the past and would makes a good trail riding horse. He is very quick with lots of energy and would be good for an experienced rider. He travels good, nice all around horse.

DUKE                                                                                            HIP # 483

Duke is a 5 year old paint pony. He stands 31 inches tall. He is a nice little in hand pony. Has been through obstacles and is an excellent jumper. Has had ground work and is ready to start under saddle.

SISSY                                                                                            HIP # 485
                     2017 GRADE SORREL MARE

She is a 4 year old mare, 13h. Sorrel in color. She going really well. She is ready to go. Leads load and ties. Ok with her feet, easy to saddle and bridle. I really like this lil mare. She so willing. She would make any kid happy. No saying completely finished. But she has no buck or run away. Just needs miles but any kid that can ride can handle.

SELENA MOOD                                                                           HIP # 486
                   2007 AQHA BAY MARE
Selena is a 14 year old Appendix mare. She is approx 15.2. In 2012 she was ridden by my 11 year old daughter, competing in barrels and playdays and trail riding. My daughter quite competing in 2016 and Selena was bred and had a colt in 2017. She has been used as a pleasure horse since. She lots of power and requires a strong hand. Good all around horse.
String Two

Seekin That Deal

Lady Bug's Bomb

Miss Rebel Creek



Over Arranged

In Contempt

                                                                                                   String Two Jr

Bombs Away Skipper

                          Ladys Really A Filly

                         Lil Fappi

Jacklyn's Mood

                      In Overtime

ON TIME PEPPY                                                                          HIP # 488
                    2012 AQHA SORREL MARE

Docs Okie Quixote

Wranglers Sugar

Doc O'Lena

Bobbibar Bob

Peppy San Badger

Funny Face Five

Lone Echo Eagle

Miss Mighty Leo Doc

                                                                                                  Okie Paul Quixote

Okie Pauls Document

                         Sr Documentary

                       Prime Time Peppy

Mighty Jolynn

                      Miss Mighty Echo

Foundation Bred Broodmare due to foal within 30 days, by a grandson of Tanquery Jin also broke to ride

STARBURST                                                                               HIP # 489
                  2001 GRADE PALOMINO PONY GELDING

Starburst is an older 13/13.1 hh pony gelding. Broke to ride. Gentle, my kids like to go out and brush him.
JJS SUNNY SURPRISE                                                               HIP # 490
                      2004 AQHA CHESTNUT MARE

Doc O'Lena

Freckles Delite


Smarty Chestnut

Nobles Alejos Step

Leo's Susanita

Star Pep

Fannie Maud V

                                                                                                    Happy Go Lena

Cincos Fiero

                            Cocos Cutie

                            JJJ Big Step Leo

Peppys Surprise

                            Miss Peppette 5

Big time Broodmare due to foal within 30 days, by a grandson of Tanquery Jin also really good broke to ride

MR COUNT PLAYBOY                                                                HIP # 491
                     2012 AQHA PALOMINO GELDING

Jewel's Leo Bars

Gay Jay

Doc O'Lena

Miss Poco Bliss

Skipador County

Sugar Bar Bid

Count Giacomo

Send Me Roses

                                                                                                    Freckles Playboy

Payback Playboy

                           Lena Lorene

                          Hazard County Star

Countess Maudie

                         Echo Of Roses

This is playboy. Stands 15.1 beautiful. The front pasture kind. He be the one that you will want to have on the back of the trailer when you unload your friends will be saying wow. We have had playboy for a year. We have used him for all phrases of ranch work. Been trail rode, roped some on him. This is a nice horse and very sound and sane.
Azul Caballo Amigo

Maybelle Blue

Blue's Beard

Foggy Hancock

Wyoming Blanton

West 260

Docs Easy Keeper

Singin Sweet
                                                                                                  Platte Hancock

CC Blue Paltte

                        Cloudy Blue

                        Drifters Blanton Chip

TbarJ Devilish Mary

                        Sweet N Easy Keeper

DOCS SINGIN ROAN                                                                   HIP # 492
                   2014 AQHA BAY ROAN GELDING
Ruckus was born and raised here on the place . I have used him since he was a 3 yrs old. He has a nice handle and a big stop, knows his leads and gives to leg pressure . He has been used daily the last 3 yrs. Day working and working for Griswold Cattle Company. He is good to sort off, open and shut gates on. I have roped several cows and drug them in the trailor. Selling 100% sound . Ready to go any direction a person wants to take him, he is quiet and gentle with big black foot, heavy hip and front end with a kind eye . You can knock the snow off his back throw your saddle on him and lope him off today or 3 weeks later he has never humped up or buck in his life. My 72 yr old dad has rode him in the 4th of July parade the last couple of yrs . If you want a real asset to your horse barn don't miss out on this one.
WRANGLER                                                                                HIP # 493
                    2012 GRADE PAINT PONY GELDING

This is a super nice pony. Has been rode lots of miles by little girls. Will ride by himself with ease. If they point him he will go. He’s been across the creeks and rivers and the big ol Ozark hills. He’s gathered cattle and pushed steers at ropingS. And has roped a drug every roping dummy on the ranch. He will stand a big 13 hands and be sound and sane. And 9 years old
HANK                                                                                          HIP # 494
                2009 GRADE BAY GELDING

Hank is a 12 year old 14.3 hand grade gelding. Hank is super gentle and rides really nice. He has been used mainly for a trail horse by a elderly gentleman also been used for checking cattle and prowling pastures have penned and shipped cattle a few times. He would work for a novice rider.
DENNIS THE MINIS                                                                     HIP # 495
                   205 GRADE SORREL GELDING

He is the cutest little sorrel in the country. He stands 13.3 and got lots of it hanging of off him. Has a big blaze and four white wheels all the way around him. We have had him for 6 months and used him on the ranch for a little of everything. He is very gentle and just loves people. Trail riding deluxe. Sound as one can be and is 6 years old.
CINNABARS LIL COW                                                                HIP # 496
               2006 AQHA CHESTNUT MARE

This mare we will lead threw, she is brood mare sound , lost colt in February Ice storm.
                                                                                                  Smart Little Lena

Cinnabars Lil Lena

                        Cinnabars Lil Star

                         Sweepin Cow

Sweepin Cow Mistress

                          Lintons Mistress

Doc O'Lena

Smart Peppy

Grays Starlight

Cinnabar Doc

Smart And Trouble

Olde Docs Sweetie

Mr Linton

Bubba's Baby Doll

BALDY                                                                                        HIP # 497
                       2011 GRADE SORREL GELDING

Big pretty dude. Stand 15.2 and purdy. Real easy to be around just loves people. He’s been used here on the ranch for just about everything. And is a pretty nice barrel horse. Don't over look this one. He is sound and sane. 10 years old.

                                                                                                   HIP # 498
                 2011 BAY JOHN MULE

Bay john mule 10 year old rides around good. Been used at a riding club .
BLUE BOY                                                                                   HIP # 499
                  2015 GRADE BLUE ROAN GELDING

What a looker. True blue roan. He’s as blue as a new pair of wranglers. We have had him for a year and a half and he has been used all over them Ozark hills. But you better be a hand.
                                                       “COWBOYS HORSE”
CHAMP                                                                                       HIP # 484
                       2003 GRADE CHAMPAGNE MARE
18 year old, beautiful champagne mare. Older gentleman rode her on the trails. 15.1 hands. Good solid horse. Not for a beginner. Watch the video.

PETEY                                                                                         HIP # 500
                           2014 GRADE PAINT GELDING

Petey is a 7 year old 14.3 hand grade paint gelding . Petey has mainly been used for a trail riding horse he has been to the Chuck Wagon races at Clinton he is really gentle doesn’t have a real fancy handle but rides nice he would make an excellent heel horse.
DUKE                                                                                           HIP # 501
                         2007 GRADE BAY GELDING

Really broke, honest little gelding. Been ridden by an 8 year old timid rider. He's been there, done that. This gelding would be a little ranch or using horse with no problem. He has the handle and ability to do just about anything you want. Used primarily for a kids playday horse. Safe and honest and can work a rope. Same horse every time. We turn the kids loose on him and never have to worry.
WALKER                                                                                    HIP # 487
                       2009 GRADE BLACK GELDING

"Walker"; very classy with a gorgeous head and neck, long mane and a tail that drags the ground. He is very gentle and absolutely LOVES attention. Good broke. Very, very smooth to ride. Has a fast walk, but not chary. Great trail riding horse and will be your best friend when you get him home.