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ROXIE                                                                                HIP # 58
                            2007 GRADE PALOMINO MARE

Roxie is a flashy all around mare. She stands 14 and 1/2 hands and weighs approx. 900 Lbs. She has been roped off of in the pasture. She has also had money won off of her both heading and heeling numerous times. She has lots of action and would make any advanced rider a great horse.
TC SILVER BLUE                                                               HIP # 65
                     2013 AQHA BLUE ROAN GELDING

Zan Gold Jack
Zan Gold Jackson
Miss Skipa Nick
High Blue Jackson
High Rolling Roany
Roan Peach
Jax Katty Peach

Ray Tucker Jr
Double TC Hancock
Ms Poco Roan Hancock
TC Ty Silver
Lary Heck Hancock
Arrow P Hancock
Berts Roman Rose

"Denny Isaac", is a three year old that has been started right. He will stay between the rains and cue off your legs. Selling 100% sound, he has been ridden in the arena a lot, started swinging a rope and dragging plastic barrel. Selling because of spine  surgery and there is more in my future. He's too good to go to waste waiting on me. Denny has been a good friend and hasn't had a bad day sense I've owned him.
LAKOTA                                                                                  HIP # 59
                              2011 GRADE PAINT MARE

Lakota is a 6 year old mare about 13 hands.  Broke to death, she has done all the playday events, not scared of anything you can do anything on her. She's  broke to a buggy very sweet lil mare.
                                                                                              HIP # 60
                                            JOHN MULE

Was told 9 or 10. 14-1 to 14-2. Green  broke.  Ground ties. Easy load and good with feet.  LOTS of energy.  Rode 30 days but needs rode HARD then finished out. Selling due to neck surgery and fusions and told if I want to keep walking stay off period!.
                                                                                              HIP # 61
                               2011 GRADE BAY MARE

6 year old been used in feed lot, roped off of, used to start colts to halter brake them. She'll pull a tree down if you'll let her. she's about 14. 3, 15 hands she's out of a Poco Bueno stud mom was grade so no papers on her she is all Cow Horse.
DRY DUN DARLING                                                              HIP # 62
                                    2003 AQHA DUN MARE

Dry Doc
Dry Doc Jay
Cowman's Dottie
Docs Baby Doc
Eternal Fistful
Aztec Lea Fist
Aztec Becky

Will To Win
Maltese Cross
Pokota Ashes
Pattern Kip
Nat King Kole
Nat's Pattern
Susie Shurbet

This beauty is a registered 14 year old dun mare out of DRY DOC with a heart made of gold. She is a finished head and heel horse, has roped calves, easy hauler, sound and runs the barrel pattern. She has been used to gather cattle in open pastures, will go places most horse wont and pulls like a tank. She is every cowboy's dream and any beginners rocking chair when trail riding. This mare is willing to please, work hard at any job and will take you to the pay window.
MIYA                                                                                     HIP # 63
                           2011 GRADE BLACK MARE                                                                       

This is little mare is pretty nice. Has been rode about 45 times over the last six months. Have rode her around the cows threw a rope off her. She is grade. I think she would make a heel or calf horse.
                                                                                             HIP # 65   
                           2009 GRADE PALOMINO GELDING

8 year old palomino. Gentle and very broke. Very good ranch horse. You can rope or sort on him.
                                                                                             HIP # 66
                        2008 GRADE DUN ROAN GELDING

Dun roan. 9 year old. very broke. Good for trails or day work on the ranch.
                                                                                             HIP # 68
                          2006 BUCKSKIN MARE

10 year old AQHA. Mare. Broke and ready to take to the next level. I have roped a dummy just a little on her. She took right to it.
ROMANTIC CRUZIN KAY                                                     HIP # 70
                              2003 AQHA BAY GELDING

Dash For Cash
Rolls Of Romance
Love N Money
Romantic Cruz
De La Enuz
Orphan Song

Quarraling Pro
Del Rancho Pro
Ray Del Rancho
Yours Truly Kay
True To Form
True Trick
Skipbar's Trick

Cowboy deluxe. Cruzin has been used on a ranch to work cattle and colts. We have been trail riding with him. He is easy to catch, load, lead and tack. He is a nice horse.
SOME MAN RED                                                                  HIP # 72
                            2008 AQHA GRAY GELDING

Pacific Bailey
Lets Play Pac Man
Kay Bar Money
Some Man Go
Mr Some Charge 2
Shez Some Dolly
Becky Go Moore

Two Eyed Red Buck
Bimzan Red Buck
Bizzan Jackie
Bimzan Red Jackie
Ima Jackzan
Ima Leo Lady Jack
Sister Christian

BIG gentle gelding. Been used on the ranch and in the feed yard.
                                                                                             HIP # 74
                          2015 GRADE GRULLA GELDING

2 year old Grulla Gelding. Sells grade but breeding goes back to Zan’s Rawhide on the sire’s side and Jimmer’s Playboy on the dam’s side. He has been round pen worked and saddled 10 times. He sells sound.
THE SON OF TIME                                                               HIP # 76
                        2007 APHA BLACK OVERO GELDING

Sweet Sophistication
Timeless Rock
Rodeo Black Bat
Bats Barbie Cue
McCues New Cocoa

Blue Max
Take It To the Max
Satten Bar
Im A Painted Dolly
Madonnas Dream
Quanahs Fawago
Dolly Oly

Beautiful black overo gelding that is super gentle and well broke. Been professionally trained. Been to lots of overnight trail rides.
YGW BLAZIN SPLINTER                                                        HIP # 78
                           2006 AQHA PALOMINO GELDING

Doc O Dynamite
CM Dynamite Frost
Sierra Frost
CM Blazin Sierra Sun
Taylor Jess Tivio
Tivios Peppy Pavo
Lady Pavo

Frenchmans Guy
French Guy
Mystics Dakota Gold
YGW French Wink
Cab Lans Dasher
Paradise Cabin
Jet To Paradise

Cute little horse. Been rode lots of miles outside and on the trails. Gentle ever time you ride him.
IM COOL N FANCIE                                                              HIP # 80
                           2016 AQHA SORREL STALLION

Heza Fancie Beau
Beaus Ghost
Taffy Dawn
Im Cool N Gold
Cool Tribute
Miss Cool Comment
Conclusive Comment

Barpassers Image
Tee Command
Macsimum Image
Bostons Cadillac Mac
Cadillac Macs Zippo
Sheza A Mercades

Big stout stand up colt with a performance horse pedigree. Going to grow up and make a fancy horse. Well broke to lead and has had his feet trimmed. PAPERS SAY HE IS GELDED, BUT HE IS STILL A STALLION.
TM CLARKS JETTA                                                               HIP # 82
                                  2002 AQHA BUCKSKIN GELDING

Doc Bar's Boy
Kbar Doctor Dell
Eddies Red Roper
Anything But Buck
Chick Bobcat
April Taxie
Batsy Joe

Docs Brother Egger
Roses Tack Bar
Tacks Jetta
Docs Rocka By
Clarks Mayday
Kim Lue

I have ran him for several years and he is a very easy going horse to run. Amazing horse to run for anyone who just wants to run to have fun. He will run the same way each time as long as you don’t get in his face he will run his hardest. He runs Barrels and Poles.
DUDES POCO CASEY                                                          HIP # 84
                                1999 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Blondy's Dude
Dudes Sugar Boy
Miss Salle Reed
Dudes Casey Boy
Ole O Jack
Suzy V McCue
Vino's Sandy

Les O'Lena
Poco Page O Lena
Lee's Cardella
See F Poco Buffy
Calhoun's Pal
Pal Candy Sue
Croton Oil Sue

Nice Arena and ranch horse. Good all around horse. Has a good handle, good in the box. Gentle, sound. Look at the video.
WIN HANKBUG WINS                                                           HIP # 86
                                2007 AQHA GRAY GELDING

First Down Dash
Moo Vin First
Moo Vin Mary
First Lee Bug
Beduinos Bug
Lela Barns Bug

Raise A Native
Will Win
Our World
Winning Handily
Gray Dancer
Handy Dancer
Leo Bit Handy

"Bug", nice big gray horse. 15.3 and a good 1200 Lbs. My wife ran barrels on him. Nice pattern, but not truly finished. But he rides around really nice. Low head and moves off legs and picks leads up nice. Has that pleasure horse attitude when warming him up. No bite, kick or buck to this guy.
INDIO DRY MY STETSON                                                    HIP # 88
                          2010 APHA BAY TOBIANO MARE

Mid Night Dancer
Images Lacy Lady
Classicblk Stetson
Miss Foxy Sox
Miss Dara Bar

Dryin Time
Dry Bar Snip
Stars First Lady
Dryin Fine
Sabru Indio
Sabrus Ginger Girl
Tapper Girl

Super flashy mare! Broke to death. Kid safe. Loping the barrels! Nothing bothers her. Trail rides great. Would make an awesome youth horse.
MACS CANDY BAR                                                              HIP # 90
                     2006 APHA SORREL TOBIANO MARE

Jamers Paint
Jamars Big Mac
Miss San Mac
Two Toad Painted Mac
Two Eyed Rapid
Rapid Girl
Toad's Girl

Top Bullet
Tuf Diamond Breeze
Miss Bay Breeze
Candy Solid
Mr Candy Man
Candy Flowers
Dream Flowers

Candy is 11 year old registered paint mare. Candy is sweet and gentle, wants to be your friend kinda horse. Broke to ride, been used for trail riding and in parades. Easy to catch. If you want a horse that you can spur and jack around Candy in not for you. After all she is as SWEET as CANDY.
BONNIE                                                                                HIP # 94
                      2015 GRADE SORREL OVERO MARE

Nice Mare that we have been riding all summer. She goes where ever you ask, through creeks, up banks or down the road. Can swing a rope on her and going to try to start her on the smarty this weekend. 14.3,1000 Lbs.
DOCTOR CLABORN                                                             HIP # 96
                               2007 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Dash For Cash
Dashing Val
Audra Do
CJ Dashing Doctor
Miss Merri Mo
Miss Mighty Mo

Go Man Go
Kitty Claborn
Cherokee Arrow
Miss Cher Bar
Canzady Sue Bar

Doc is a finished barrel/heel horse. He trail rides great. Has been hauled all over. Nothing bothers him. Just been put on the back burner. Won't find a better bred, good looking gelding.
RUBYS LOW RIDER                                                             HIP # 97
                           1998 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Mr San Peppy
Peppy San Badger
Sugar Badger
Peppys Fella
Doc Bar
Docs Angelfish
Miss Netty 97

Doc Bar
Doc's Star Barred
Barred's Star
Docs Ruby Girl
Three Par
La Chee's Cowgirl
La Chee's Ruby

Finished cutting horse. AQHA point earner in the Ranch Sorting. Excellent on the ranch. 100 percent sound in every way. Never a bad day with him.
RED PINE GYPSY                                                                HIP # 92
                                    2001 AQHA BAY MARE

Poco Bright Star
Great Pine
Crier's Betty
Great Red Pine
Nifty Bee
Nifty Jodieann
Miss Jodieann

Wiggy Bar
Don't Pamper Me
Pamper Me
Pine Row Gypsy
Eternal Sun
Pine Row Goldie
Pine Row Liz

Daughter of NRHA Million Dollar sire GREAT RED PINE. Gypsy has won money over the years in NRHA and Regional Reining clubs and has won money in the sorting pens the last couple of years. She is the same horse every time you get on to ride her and doesn't need any tuning up after setting for weeks. She is a proven producer and has great manners She was trained right to start with and has all the buttons and a soft mouth. She is fresh out of the pasture and ready to go to work, pleasure ride or add to your broodmare pen.
OTIS                                                                                    HIP # 98                                                        
                        2007 GRADE SORREL GELDING

Otis is a 10 year old broke gelding for anyone. Head, heel horse, ranch horse, lessons horse.  Bomb proof.
HANCOCK BERTIE                                                              HIP # 99
                              2013 AQHA PALOMINO MARE

Starbert Fisher
Starbert F King
Berts Star Chick
Smooth Starbert
Smooth Dollar
April Kays Dollar
Callicoat Kay

Bert Bonanza
Starberts B Tops
Anita Bert
Penns Hancock Bert
Lary Heck Hancock
Hancock Bar 028
Ms Easter Hancock

Wea is a 2013 Palomino  We Have Heeled a lot on her and Break Away also fast learner good in the box.  Used as practice horse but wouldn’t say she is totally finished.  Started on head side.  Experienced Rider.  
HAWKEYE HOLIDOC                                                           HIP # 100
                             2010 AQHA DUN GELDING

Peppy San Badger
Peppys Dry Award
Dry Award
DB Peppy Dry Lena
Doc's Sug
Frost Angel
Poco Lena Doc

Holidocs Mischief
Freckles Mischief
HDS Golden Beauty
Martins Gold Peppy
Sheza Dunny Skip
Leos Dunny Skip

Good broke ranch horse. Been used on the ranch and in the feed yard. Had cattle roped off him outside.
BET ON HYDRIVE                                                                 HIP # 85
                               2010 AQHA SORREL GELDING

High Brow Hickory
High Brow Cat
Smart Little Kitty
Hydrive Cat
Peppy San Badger
Ruby Tuesday DNA
Playboys Ruby

Smart Little Lena
Bet On Me 408
Bet Yer Blue Boons
Better Sue
Freckles Merada
Meradas Little Sue
Docs Hickory Sue

Bet on hydrive has been used on a ranch, roped on, Ranch Horse Competitions, team sorting & team penning and team roped on. He is only 14 HD’s but has a heart the size of  TX. Bet is cute, cute, cute and wide as a house!  100% sound with out a blemish on him. Absolutely no bad habits, easy to ride and fun to have around!
PEARL L HUSTON                                                               HIP # 101
                              2010 AQHA BAY MARE

Genuine Doc
Genuine Doc O Lena
Rosezana Lena
Genuine Christmas
Docs Christmas
Hollyjolly Christmas
Playboys Dry Possibility

Mr San Peppy
Peppy San Badger
Sugar Badger
Little Brazos Badger
Chicks Deck
Chencheta Chick
Little Chencheta

Pearl Huston had rain cow horse training as a two and three-year-old.
LITTLE BIT                                                                          HIP # 102
                             2011 GRADE PAINT PONY MARE

Broke to ride and Drive. 36 inches tall.Grandkids have too many other activities to keep up with and this sweet pony is just going to waste.
MIDA HAIDA                                                                         HIP # 103
                                 2004 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Mr San Peppy
Peppy San Badger
Sugar Badger
Haidas Little Pep
Doc Bar
Doc's Haida
Teresa Tivio

Doc Bar
Doc's Lynx
Jameen Tivio
SR Panalynx
Pana Bar
Miss Pana Leo
Leo Pan

Mida has a awesome handle and really cuts a Cow!  Has ACHA money and Ranch cutting money won on him and a darn good Ranch Horse!  He is honest as the day is long.
                                                                                             HIP # 95
                        2011 GRADE BLACK GELDING

Black 6 year old grade gelding. This gelding was raised on a ranch in the panhandle and been used outside and in the precondition yard as well.
                                                                                           HIP # 104                                                 
                           2011 GRADE BAY GELDING

Bay 6 year old grade gelding has been used in the Feed Yard a little, Will track and walk to Cow.  And is started on the barrels!
IMA HANCOCK MAN                                    HIP # 105
                               2016 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Mr San Peppy
Rey Del Peppy
Skeetos Lil Scorpion
Skeetos Lil Sug
Sugaretta Jetta

Star Beam Snip
Star Beam Redbird
Hecks Miss Cardinal
Heck Ofa Babe
Lary Heck Hancock
Hecks Babe Two
Sue Babe Las

Nice coming 2 yr old!  
WINSTON                                                                               HIP # 67
                           2006 GRADE BAY GELDING

Gentle broke gelding that is stout made with a lot of foot and bone. He has done all daily ranch chores. Covered a lot of long miles checking pastures and gathering cattle. Solid broke for any job that needs done.
JINGLES                                                                                HIP # 71
                       2006 GRADE PALOMINO PAINT GELDING

Gentle seasoned broke gelding that's been used for all levels of ranch work. Dependable solid broke gelding for the dudes and guests to get along with and ride as well.
AXEL                                                                                      HIP # 73
                          2007 GRADE SORREL GELDING

Ranch raised gelding that has been used for all avenues of day work from calving, sorting pairs to shipping yearlings. He has been pasture roped on and has drug calves to the branding fire at several brandings. Solid all around gelding that's broke to get any job that needs done.
BELLA                                                                                    HIP # 75
                    2010 GRADE BAY ROAN PONY MARE

She is cute as a button! Made like a little horse. She has been ridden all summer long by an 8 year old girl on several family trail rides. She has also been in parades and has been the main attraction at several kid's birthday parties. Super nice pony for any little kid to enjoy. Safe and 100% sound.
CHIP                                                                                       HIP # 77
                  2008 GRADE BLACK OVERO PAINT GELDING

Been used for a big circle horse to gather on in the pastures. Gentle to be around. Have prowled on him and used him all summer for all types of general ranch duty work. Will go all day. 100% sound.
PUDDIN HICKOK                                                                   HIP # 79
                               2007 AQHA BAY GELDING

Jewel's Leo Bars
Freckles Playboy
Gay Jay
Playin In The Pudden
Smart Little Lena
Smart Pudden
Pudden Head Sug

Dual Pep
Binario Kai
Brownies Lani Kai
BK Hickok Tivio
Hickorys Hickok Bar
Hickoks Tivio
Playboys Tivio

He's been used in the feedyard and for all types of ranch work on a daily basis. Works a rope and will watch a cow good.
OREO                                                                                     HIP # 83

He is the perfect size for the whole family. Good trail horse and has done well doing cattle work. He trailers well and is current on worming. He is an easy keeper with no soundness issues.
PECOS                                                                                   HIP # 87
                            2005 GRADE BAY GELDING

He has been ridden by beginners of all ages. Great lesson horse for the first time rider as he is very quiet and nothing bothers him. He has done a lot of trail riding along with herding cattle in the pastures. He is good to haul in the trailer and very easy to handle.
TIPPY                                                                                     HIP # 91
                               2005 GRADE BAY GELDING

He has been ridden by all ages this summer for our trail riding and lesson program. Great disposition and very patient for anyone to handle and ride. Rides well in a group or alone and is easy to catch in the pasture. He is also a trained roping horse in the arena.
BUDDY                                                                                HIP # 106
                         2013 GRADE POA PONY GELDING

Buddy, 4 year old POA Gelding. Super gentle and broke. Used at the feed yard. Sound & sane.
CHARLIE                                                                              HIP # 107
                            2002 GRADE DUN GELDING

Charlie, 15 year old dun gelding. 13.2-13.3 hands. Gentle and safe for anyone. Trail rides like a dream.
APACHE                                                                                 HIP # 89

Loud colored black and white gelding. Stands 14.2 hands and weighs about 1000 Lbs. Started on the ranch, used at the stockyards some. Hasn't been ridden much all summer. Great heel horse or calf roping prospect. 100% Sound.
LUCKY                                                                                  HIP # 93
                          2012 GRADE DUN GELDING

Nice young ranchy lookin gelding. Has a good dun color and has always been gentle to be around. Ridden by Rocky Cox in the flint hills and at the stockyards. Hasn't been ridden much all summer. Ready for an occupation. 100% Sound.

14.5 in Teskey Barrel Saddle