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Ap Indy

Cara Rafaela

Carson City

Wheatly Way

Zippos Zapper

Annie Pat Bar

Zippo Cash Bar

Jeata Lady

                                                                                                                        Starbert Damen

Starbert Dean

                                       Sheliah D Day

                                       RF Cee Jay

Starberts Skip

                                     Starbert Little Deb
I DREAM OF CANDY                                                              HIP # 147
COWBOY                                                                                HIP # 148
                  2017 GRADE PALOMINO GELDING

This Thoroughbred mare was raced as a 3 year old and had 3-2nd place finished winning $36,599.00. A daughter of MIDSHIPMAN that stands for $8500. in Kentucky, as a 3 year old he won the Breeder's cup Dirt mile in Santa Anita and 2 other grade 1 stakes races. This mare is enrolled in the AQHA as a broodmare.
Cowboy is a 3 year old grade palomino gelding. He has all the color you could ask for with 4 white socks and a full blaze. We didn't start him until January 2020 to allow him to grow and mature. This guy loves attention and will be the first to meet you at the gate. We have ridden him both English and Western. He is gentle and ready to be finished the way you want. He got new shoes this January. Current on coggins, Vaccs and worming. My work schedule has gotten busier and taken way my time for my animals.
WILBURNETTE                                                                       HIP # 149
This filly was ridden as a 2 year old. Was never taken to the track. She is sound. Never been breed. A daughter of "Wilburn" winner of the 2011 Indiana Derby. Now standing at River Oaks Farm for $2500.00 This filly is ready to train or be a brood mare.
 TANNER                                                                                   HIP # 152

Tanner is a 2005 grade ranch horse been used out side doctoring cattle. Reins very well, supper gentle and easy going. We have rode him on trail rides and have sorted many cattle on him.
ROBO                                                                                        HIP # 154

Was trained for Western Pleasure.
SL ANNIE TEJONA SIX                                                            HIP # 156

 Sonoita Slim

Glo Princess Creek

Bar Five Poco Gray

Billie Farm

Sonoita Slim

Glo Princess Creek

Sonoita Buddy

Bar Five Roys Lady

                                                                                                                Sonita Whopper Glo

Bar Five Gray Bob

                               Bar Five Billy Bob

                               Sonita Whopper Glo

Bar Five Roys Glo

                               Bar Five Roys Luck

Registered 4 year old filly that has been started correctly and is ready to go in any direction. She has no buck, bite, or kick and will stand tied all day. She has been hauled to big rodeos and even rode in the grand entry, and handled it like a big horse.
LEO                                                                                            HIP # 157

Leo is a 10 year gelding that stands, ties, loads, and shoes. Has had 45 days of team roping training (head side) by Jesse Stipes. Due to our schedule we just do not have the time to go on with him to do him justices. Experience rider needed due to he can be very fresh and cinchy when not messed with regularly. We feel he will make a nice horse for someone that has the time for him.
SCOUT                                                                                      HIP # 159

8 or 9 year old grade paint gelding. I have had this horse since he was 2 years old. Green broke, not ridden in a long time.

Mr Skyline Peppy

Miss Double Tuck

Cee Booger Red

Littlebit Sticky

Dash For Cash


Jet Smooth

Im A Shy Girl
                                                                                                                   Three Dee Skyline

Cee Booger Peppy

                                   Littlebit Roany

                                   Mr Eye Opener

Miss Fair Meadows

                                  Always Smooth
CG CURIOUS GEORGE                                                           HIP # 163
                       2014 AQHA RED ROAN GELDING
5 year old well broke ranch horse. Been in training a year with Daniel Potter. Pasture roped lots of caves. Smooth rider that is bib enough to do anything you ask. This horse will be the flashy horse of the sale.
WWR BLUE HOLLYWOOD                                                      HIP # 165

Rowdy Blue Man

Hot Pants On

Pig Creek Roan

Holy Gist

Pig Creek Roan

Angels Wild Girl

Easter Gentleman

Brenda Bonnie 14

2012 blue roan stud. From the famous Wagon Wheel Ranch in Texas. Broke to ride and a proven stud horse. Gorgeous blue roan color. Don't miss this horse.

Two Eyed Jack

Margie Star

Hoot's Cody

Weinert's Que Chula

Two Eyed Van

Miss Real Doll


Miss Dixie Kat

                                                                                                                    Two Eyed Van

Two Eyed Hiredhand

                                    Que Chula Cody

                                     Im Real Two

Vans Black Jacket

                                    Two Eyed Dixie Lee

WS TWO QUE DIXIE                                                                 HIP # 170
                      1999 AQHA BAY MARE
Broodmare, open for the 2020 breeding season. Great mom and no issues foaling. Foundation mare.
JBD EVIL EYED DUCE                                                              HIP #173
                        2019 AQHA BUCKSKIN STALLION

Sun Frost

Runner Elsie


Black Satin Again

Two Eyed Van

Que Chula Cody

Im Real Two

Two Eyed Dixie Lee

                                                                                                                     PC Sunnerelse

A Frosted Hotrod

                                    Aamerican Runner

                                   Two Eyed Hiredhand

WS Two Que Dixie

                                   Vans Black Jacket
Buckskin stallion, goes back to Sun Frost.
DRAMA                                                                                      HIP # 166
Drama is a super nice handy broke little ranch pony. She's gentle and easy to handle however I wouldn't suggest her for a beginner or tiny kid cause she's catty and all about working. She's had a good 150 head roped on her in the pasture but never been in the box. She's young so shouldn't take much to train her there. She knows playday events but is not automatic finished. She is ready for the job you wanna do was with her. She takes new things with no problems. She's got the mare face attitude when you put her on cattle. Is kind of the boss in the pasture but still backs down to anything meaner than her. Will even drag a cow into the trailer if necessary. Drama is a really nice pony with a lot of training.
Next sale Thursday March 5th.
Catalog deadline Thursday February 27th.

Trolly Song

Avenue Of Flags

Dear Mimi

Storm Cat

Barbiecue Sauce

Lord Gaylord

Dotty Brotheron

                                                                                                                          Unbridled's Song


                                            Fleet Lady

                                           Tabasco Cat


                                           Gaylord's Annie
                                                                                                                        Blue Man Gist

Hollywood Blue Val

                                        Holly Berry Hancock

                                        Pig Creek Hancock


                                        Easters Margarita

UNNAMED                                                                                 HIP #150

Six Fols

Lady Bugs Martha

Jelly Jet

Hempens Way

Cherokee Indian

Speck Deck Bess

Johnny Vittoro

Ms Janis Joplin
                                                                                                                       Marthas Six Moons

Hempes Six Moon

                                      Hempens Jelly Way

                                     Indians Image

A Cat In The Hat

                                    JJS Super Tramp

Look at this pedigree! Grand Daughter of Marthas Six Moons by and Indian Image mare. There are a lot of paint incentive programs to earn extra $$. Sweet and easy to be around. Just coming 2. Will be ready for you to start your way. Sells on PAPERS IN ASSOCIATION.

Flit Bar

Slash J Harletta

Jet Lark

Diamond Bug

Cherokee Indian

Speck Deck Bess

Johnny Vittoro

Ms Janis Joplin
                                                                                                                        Fire Water Flit

Strait Firewater

                                        Miss Jet Bug

                                         Indians Image

A Cat In The Hat

                                        JJS Super Tramp

Look at this pedigree! He is paid up in Future Fortunes! There are a lot of Paint incentive programs to earn extra $$. This gelding has had 60 days riding. Lack of time and me being hurt is only reason he is not further along. He can go to any discipline. His sire runs barrels, poles and has been roped on. He is willing to please, will go anywhere. Nothing bothers him. Been rode down the road, UPS Trucks flying by didn't phase him. Has an extremely smooth lope and is easy to be around.
THIS CAT HATES WATER                                                        HIP # 153
                        2016 APHA BAY TOBIANO

PISTOL PETE                                                                           HIP # 151

Pistol Pete is a red roan gelding that is about 16 years old, 14.3 hands tall. He can do it all ! Age don't slow him down a bit. He's a retired cutting horse and just finished out 2019 playday and JRRA Ranch Rodeos. He has been a great horse for our family. Loves trail rides. Feet trimmed 2/21/20.
COCO                                                                                     HIP # 155
                2015 GRADE BROWN MARE

Coco is a 5 year old grade mare. Stands a little over 14 hands, a\weighs around 1100 Lbs. Big, stocky beautiful girl with looks that has won in shows and won my son Little Britches King. She has been involved in all aspects of rodeo and ranching. Has a lot of go and ready to work. You can get her to do anything. Loves trail rides feet trimmed 2/21/20.
SPUR                                                                                         HIP # 158
                       2016 GRADE GRAY GELDING

Spur is a 4 year old grade gray gelding, standing 14 hands. This lil guy has the color and the class, great all around horse. Tracks calves, been around all aspects of rodeo life and ranching. Nice horse. (Hard to part with him). Feet trimmed 2/21/20. Loves to trail ride.

COWBOYS SHINE A663                                                          HIP # 160
                          2016 AQHA PALOMINO GELDING
This is a cute, stout gelding that stands 15 hands and is pretty to look at. He has a good handle and is ready for a job. Armitage Futurity eligible as a 4 and 5 year old . AQHA Ranching Heritage eligible.
KSU BURNT CHOCOLATE                                                      HIP # 162
                            2014 AQHA BUCKSKIN GELDING

Zippo Pine Bar

Fancy Blue Chip

Sonny Dee Bar


Zips Chocolate

Flaming Tigress

Shieks Lass

Sammy Pal
                                                                                                                        Zips Chocolate Chip

Zips White Chip

                                        Distant Serenade

                                         Mega Chip


                                         Glad Ima Sheik
2014 AQHA buckskin gelding by ZIPS WHITE CHIP. 15.2 lots of training, quiet nice gelding. Clips, bathes, ties, loads, rides. Would make a cute ranch pleasure/ranch trail prospect. Walks, trots, lopes around will drag a log and open a gate. Kids have ridden him, had lessons given on him. Tracking hot heels started 2/22/20.

Boonlight Dancer

Prescriptions Mink

Shining Spark

Hustlers High Roller

Freckles Playboy

Miss Silver Pistol

Winnin Doc

Miss Bailey Reno

                                                                                                                   Cowboys Boonlight

Cowboys Boonshine

                                  Cross Bell Shiner


Playguns Betty

                                  Winning Betty