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RBUCKS GORGEOUS GIRL                                                       HIP # 189
                       2018 RED ROAN MARE

Started under saddle, stops, backs up and lopes circles. She is still on the green side, but wont take much to get her going. She is the sweetest horse I've ever owned, not a mean bone in her body. The only reason she is for sale is because I work long hours and my gelding beats her up and she doesn't deserve that. I hope someone takes her and uses her at her full potential.
Two Eyed Red Buck

Bouncy Fern


Its In The Stars

Crowned Okie

Poco Gold Bar Peppy

Monkey Cue Bar

Docs Blue Chex

                                                                                                 Samzan Two Eyes

Rbucks Star Maker

                       Maker Heavenly

                       Crowned Okie Blunder

Okies Cat Olena Girl

                       Docs Blue Chex Cue

PASSION FEVER                                                                         HIP # 190
                      2003 BAY THOROUGHBRED MARE

Open to breed to the stallion of your choice.


Dona Ysidra




Hat Tab Girl


Lexington Lark


Bankc Well

                      Loved Etsu

                     Black Tie Affari

Miss Owel's Affair

                     Miss Owel