LIL MISS PEPPY PRISS                                      HIP # 167
                                      2003 AQHA CHESTNUT MARE

Peppy San Badger
Lil Tenino Fair
Tenino Fair
Lts Lightning
Freckles Playboy
Quick Playgirl
Quick O Lena

Doc Clabber
Docs Priss
Peppy Priss
Dalipson Madonna
Sky Blue Peppy
Dustys Blue Kid
Dustys Kid

Very athletic mare with solid conformation, excellent disposition. She was shown in the cow horse and sorting. She was 2009 NYRCHA High Point Green horse and finished in the top 3 in the 2010 green rider class. She is ready for any level of show horse competition. She has been used as a lesson horse as well. Excellent on the trails as well. She would make a top notch ranch horse. She is sound in everyway, to breed, ride or show. Don't miss out on this rare
                                                                                                    HIP # 168
                     2000 GRADE BLACK AND WHITE PAINT MARE

Been rode around the farm.
WILSONBULLY                                                                             HIP # 169
                                         2008 AQHA BAY GELDING

Raise Your Glass
Special Effort
Go Effortlessly
Bully Bullion
Mary Poppins
Raise A Native

All's Well
Raised Well
Real Thing
Nonas Native
Sphinx Bar
Nonas Jet
The Neighbor Lady

This is a really handy using gelding looking for a job. He rides the same if he's been off for 3 months or if you ride him everyday. He was really green when I got him, but I've been putting miles on him ponying yearlings and 2 year old colts. He's great riding pastures and checking fences. Took him on his first adventure trail ride and by the end of the day he was climbing up and down slopes with no problem. Easy to catch, ties well, can be a little green acting with new stuff but isn't dangerous or flighty. I've carried barrels on him and have a little dog that rides in the saddle with me while I trail ride. You wont find a better built gelding who's ready to go to work.
                                                                                                       HIP # 170
                                 2008 GRADE BAY ROAN GELDING

Been used to bring in the cows.
METER MAIDS FANCY                                                               HIP # 171
                                       2005 AQHA SORREL MARE

Genuine Doc
Shining Spark
Diamonds Sparkle
Freckles Cross Bell
Jewel's Leo Bars
Freckles Metermaid
Toad's Maxie Bee

Gold Classic Rose
CL Buckley
Diamonds Cross
Dialas Sweetheart
Dial Adair
Dialas Cross
The Neighbor Lady

Fancy is a gentle family horse. Has been hauled and shown as a Heel horse. Big stout, sorrel mare with blaze face and 4 white socks.
COLTS MOUNTAIN ROPER                                                          HIP # 148
                                 2006 AQHA BLUE ROAN GELDING

Leo Hancock Hayes
Cool Blue Haze
Cool Ant
Rips Compadre
Rip Rip
Rips Nachie
Nachie Roan

NLD Eddie Hancock
NLD Joes Blu Hancock
Ly Cherri
Miss Romans Skip
Two D Skip
Ramonas Skip
Ramonas Bed

Was registered blue roan, but has grayed out. Been used for a big circle horse in the pastures to gather on. Lots o miles checking fences and strays. Has a nice ground covering walk, smooth lope and big stop. Never had time to start roping out of the box on him, but has been pasture roped on. Sound and gentle.
RHINESTONE SMOKEY                                                                HIP # 150
                                  2000 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Two Eyed Jack
Rhinestone Jack
Dude's Starlet
Royal Rhinestone
Roan Bar 2
Royal Roan Note
Deer Note

Zan Parr Bar
Spry Parr
Miss Spry
Zans A Straw
Double L Straw
Miss L Straw
Flashy Miss Jan

Finished, seasoned Heading horse that is solid for any number of roper to get along with. Hauls good, no box issues and really rates and pulls from the horn. Have won several checks on him at several jackpots and round robins. Super nice horse to use around the ranch as well. Have drug many on him to the branding fire. Gentle and never refuses a task.
INSTANTLY QUICK                                                                       HIP # 152
                       2002 AQHA BUCKSKIN GELDING

Doc's Hickory
Sr Instant Choice
Stylish Lynx
Instantly Playboy
Lenas Playboy
John B Helen
Vals Candi

Dry Doc
Drip Dry Pardner
Prissy Lennea
Drips Lulu
Joe Bounce
Okie Passum

All around day working ranch horse. He has prowled miles and miles of pastures, gathered pairs and yearling cattle. Knows how to handle himself in rough country and thick brush. Works a rope well and logs from the horn nice. Cowey to sort on and move cattle with. Hauls good and is genteel to be around. Very willing, solid and has never refused any job that has needed done. Has roped a few steers out of the box on the heading side also at a few wee night ropings for fun on him too. Sound.
SMARTILICIOUS                                                                           HIP # 154
                                    2008 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Smart Little Lena
Smart Mate
Freckles Playmate
Roys A Good Mate
Holi Smart Doll
Smart Little Doll

Peppy San Badger
Little Misty Peppy
Oaks Misty Glo
Oja De Peppy
Mr San Peppy
Shesa San Peppy
Shesa Copy Cat

Excellent minded young gelding that has been roped off and on since last fall around the ranch. Shows to have a lot of cow since and ability to go to the arena as a rope horse prospect or reining cow horse. Gentle and cow horse bloodlines from top to bottom in his pedigree. 100% sound.
DUCE                                                                                           HIP #  156
                             2008 GRADE CHESTNUT GELDING

Big, upstanding gelding that has been hauled to open shows and a few jackpots running the barrels. Runs a nice pattern, rates, turns a barrel good with no gate issues. Also does not get hot or uncontrollable. Good all around horse to use around the ranch as well. Goes all day and never refuses a task. Gentle and quiet to be around.
GOLDEN RED JET                                                                       HIP # 160
                                        2005 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Mr Baron Red
Two Eyed Red Buck
Ima Tyree
Golden Red Buck
Zippo Al Pine
Dolly Pine Zip
Dolly Bim

Bar Mitch
Double Six Gold
Miss Reed 66
Double Chet Jet
Pacific Jet
Mossbar Chet Jet
Eighty Niner Chick

Red is big handsome looking gelding that has been trail ridden some and has been a family horse. Very well bred, hauls good, easy to catch. Has the size and conformation to make an excellent cattle working or ranch horse. No bad habits and is completely sound. Just don't have time for him anymore, has not been ridden since last fall. UTD on his shots and worming.
CR CASH FOR JEWELS                                                               HIP # 172
                                  2008 AQHA SORREL GELDING

Freckles Playboy
Miss Silver Pistol
Peppy Plays For Cash
Peppy San Badger
Peppys Dreamgirl
Doc Bar Tonette

Doc O'Lena
Lenas Jewel Bars
Freckles Royal
Foxy Gals Luv Jewels
Freckles Playboy
Playboys Foxy Gal
Rocketta Beard

14.3 hand sorrel gelding, purchased for Wagner Ranch. This gelding has had 1 year rode in sale barn, started on heeling and is a cowboy horse.
HYPERION BAY                                                                            HIP # 173
                                      2010 AQHA BAY GELDING

Raise Your Glass
Special Effort
Go Effortlessly
Extra Special Effort
Rocket Bar
Flying Rockette
Fly Straw

Ampney Prince (TB)
Little Vagabond (TB)
Lady Jay (TB)
Chateau Lady (TB)
Spring Double (TB)
Lightasafeather (TB)
Chateau (TB)

Broke to gallop, turn and worked last fall. Turned out. Can't go back now due to health reasons. Sire has 29 ROM's, World Show Qualifier and lots of great barrel horses. Dam is winning sprinter. Ready to go in race or performance training. Hauls shoes and trims, (quiet).